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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Top 3 Seo Ranking Factors You Should Expert In 2017 - Seo Ataei

Hey Guys,
This is Jack from Seo Ataei. In this session, I will share with you Top 3 Ranking Factors for Rank in Google.

So, stay with us.

1. User Experience:

Google always wants to provide a great user experience. So, Google always targets many factors involving mobile usability to upgrade user experience. Under this user experience, Google will read following factors for ranking:

1. Mobile Friendliness

2. Page Speed

3. AMP

To Increase your ranking:

Test your site on various tools for making better user experience. you can use tools like "Mobile Friendly test " and" think with Google", Using these tools you will get to know the errors to optimize.

2. Content:

Google always focuses on content and Google wants to give more relevant content to users, so Under this Concept, Google will read following factors For ranking:

1. Bounce Rate

2. CTR

To increase ur ranking:

Make sure that content is relevant to your audience & it should be original. If you have copied content from somewhere, you have to mention the source location. find your top 10 searching queries for your business, then use those keywords on Title tag, meta description and  H1 tag.

3. Backlinks:

Backlinks will dependably be an extreme factor for Google ranking. Under this concept, Google reads the following factors for ranking.

1. Number of links

2. Link score

3. Anchor text relevance.

To increase ur ranking:

Create a strategy for Linkbuilding, You can use tools like "link assistant" and "SEMRUSH" using these tools you can do better link building for ranking.

These are the most important factors for ranking.

Start doing SEO according to These factors for amazing ranking and outstanding traffic for your site.
Thanks for visit, I hope u like it.

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